Knife Sharpening NOW AVAILABLE at the AK!

Dec 4th 2019

Bring your knives and any household cutlery to be sharpened with our extra high quality, total service sharpening package.

All blades will be honed and sharpened to the optimum edge at our service center located in Hopkins, MN.


Drop off wrapped in newspaper, etc.

Lead time is about 3-4 days, depending on when you drop them.

Tuesday & Thursday Drop Off & Pick-Up.

Pay upon pick up.

Available in Buffalo & Excelsior.

Price List:

Small Paring 0-5" and Steak Knives $4.95
Medium Utility Knives 6-9" $5.95
Large Slicers and Chef Knives $6.95
Serrated, Scalloped Bread, Slicing $8.95
SANTUKU Style Hollow Grind $8.95
High Quality Hand Honed Edges, SHUN $8.95
Specialty Folding & Sportsman Knives $6.95
Sushi Style Extra Sharp $8.95-$10.95
Cleavers $8.95 (Varies)
Repairs on Tips, Chips, Heels $5.95+
Kitchen or Poultry Scissors $8.50

Price may vary slightly depending on edge condition.

The Sharpening Center has been located in Minneapolis for over three generations, Their craftsmen have traveled across the world to over 27 manufacturers where the finest blades, instruments, scissors and clippers originate.


Join Dan Lucas from The Sharpening Center in this FREE knife sharpening seminar. Bring in all your household cutlery for that much needed SHARPENING! (Sharpening will be for a small fee- prices above).

Not only will we send your blades to be sharpened to our MN-based sharpening service center, you'll enjoy a deep dive into the world of knife sharpening!

We'll go over how to sharpen, hone and store a knife. We'll demonstrate the proper way to chop several types of vegetables and how to use a fillet knife on meat.

Come prepared to learn!

Saturday, January 18th 10:30-12:00

134 Lake Blvd. S., Buffalo, MN 55313

Don't be shy about how dull your knives are, we're ready to give you the basics of caring for your knives so they'll never be dull again!

You'll learn about several types of blades and why we use different knives for different kitchen tasks. A great chance to ask about what cutlery you already have and how to use it.