Teen Culinary Arts Experience August 19-23 10:30-3:00

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Teen Culinary Arts Experience August 19-23 10:30-3:00


Do you imagine yourself attending culinary school one day?  Does the sound of owning your own restaurant or being a private chef excite you?  This intense week of professional-style training in culinary arts will lay the foundation for that future.

Our Teen Culinary Arts Experience is designed for high-school students who are ready to ready to roll up their sleeves and learn how to cook with confidence. Each day will focus on core fundamentals and a variety of methods and techniques through hands-on learning.  As you become more comfortable cooking, you will gain the confidence needed to lay a foundation for what may be your future career.  You’ll be exposed to many local ingredients and a wide variety of dishes inspired by seasonal produce and beyond. The week will be full of pro tips from guest chef's who work in restaurant kitchens to help you work smarter as you continue to hone your kitchen skills.

Each day you will prepare a multi-course menu centered around a key theme, and twice throughout the week you’ll cook with a local restaurant chef as your guest instructor.  The week culminates in you and your classmates turning the kitchen into a ‘restaurant’ for your friends and family.  With your instructor, you’ll design and execute a menu to serve, showcasing your incredible new skills.

This week is a great companion to our Teen Pastry Arts Experience!  

This class is restricted to high school students only and this policy will be enforced. We recognize there are many talented pre-teen aspiring cooks out there, but this class is not for them (check out our Kids Camps instead). Students must be either enrolled in high school, or be a recently-graduated senior to be eligible for this course. 


Day 1: Knife Skills
Day 2: Homemade Stocks, Soups, & Meatballs
Day 3: Farmer's Market
Day 4: Mastering Steak & Chicken
Day 5: Restaurant Day with a Student Planned Menu

Class Instructor: Becki Melvie