Christopher Kimball by 1919

ck-4-sq-2-.jpgChristopher Kimball founded Cook's magazine in 1980 and is currently co-founder of Milk Street, a culinary brand devoted to searching the world for bolder, easier ways to cook at home here in America.  Today, Milk Street is available on public television and radio, in print through its magazines and cookbooks and online at

Christopher Kimball by 1919 Cookware is a unique collection of 5-ply cookware consisting of 7 different pieces.  It is the perfect heavy-duty cookware with a rounded, ergonomic handle design that stays cool when used on a stove top.  

Unless you're a personal chef, it's easy to get distracted when cooking and the better the pan, the more forgiving it is.  So if you happen to step away for a couple of minutes, you won't return to find burned onions, over cooked chicken or a pan blackened on the bottom that needs to be cleaned before continuing on with the recipe.  Ultimately, forgiveness is the highest praise one can give cookware.  

This collection combines the simplicity of design and function with the highest quality.  Christopher Kimball by 1919 Cookware is made in the USA using globally sourced materials to provide superior results in the kitchen and to make cooking easier and more enjoyable.