Pilot Knob Popcorn Duo - Blue/Red

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Pilot Knob Popcorn Duo - Blue/Red

Pilot Knob’s Blue Bounty popcorn is crispy, nutty, and, of course, hull-less. The Rustic Red popcorn has a tender, distinctly bold, and naturally salty taste, and is also hull-less. Try them both today! Item includes two 26 ounce bags - one of each flavor. 

Want to Know More About Pilot Knob Hull-less Popcorn?

The hull is what covers a grain, such a kernel of corn. Though you may know it better as the annoying thing that constantly gets stuck in your teeth while eating most kinds of popcorn. If we’re being honest, we don’t like them either, which is why we're glad the kind folks at Pilot Knob Comforts did something about it. While technically the heirloom varieties of popcorn Pilot Knob produces do have a hull, they are much thinner, softer, and less of a pain in the teeth. This means that, comparatively, Pilot Knob popcorn is “hull-less.” You can spend more time enjoying popcorn and less time picking it out of your teeth! To your pearly whites, your toothbrush, and your dentist – you’re welcome.