October 15, 2019 Tuesday 6:00-8pm Sous Vide Cooking

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October 15, 2019 Tuesday 6:00-8pm Sous Vide Cooking

This is your chance to learn about the cooking technique that's taking over the culinary world: Sous Vide, pronounced - sue vee.

First developed in France, sous vide cooking is long respected by gourmet chefs for its reliability and improved food quality. French for "under vacuum," it's an easy, safe and virtually foolproof way to prepare delicious and healthy meals.

Sous vide involves slow cooking vacuum-sealed food at a consistent, low temperature, this locks in flavors and all the delicious juices of your meats, seafood and more. Our instructor will show you how just a little bit of seasoning before and then a quick finishing off of your food after will give you restaurant-quality results every time.

Menu: Thyme & Garlic New York Strip Steaks with Béarnaise Sauce, Eggs Benedict, and Monkfish (the poor man's lobster) with Clarified Butter. 

Class price includes printed recipe copy, one glass of wine, beer, or non-alcoholic beverage, and a full meal of everything prepared. 

Class Instructors: Becki Melvie & Steve Johnson