9/14/2019 Saturday 5:30-8:00 Mediterranean Mezze Platters

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9/14/2019 Saturday 5:30-8:00 Mediterranean Mezze Platters

Work your way around the Mediterranean and incorporate all the bright flavors of Summer from various cultures into one delicious Mezze Tray. Mezze, is a style of dining in the Mediterranean and the Middle East, resembling a collection of Spanish tapas and other small plates meant to stimulate your appetite.

Our menu for this hands-on cooking class will include: Whipped herb feta (Greek); Roasted Red Pepper Tapenade (Spain); Harissa Hummus (Tunisia); Basil Aioli (Italy). Learn how making these delicious dips and spreads ahead of time can make entertaining easy and fun! 

We'll learn how to create a visually striking platter of different flavors, textures and colors with grilled vegetables, nuts, olives, whole herbs and edible flowers. A perfect centerpiece for a deck or patio dinner party.

Class Instructor: Jill Holter

Class price will include generous sampling, one beverage (wine, beer, OR non-alcoholic), and printed recipe copy.