8/31/2019 Saturday 5:30-8:00 Introduction to Indian Cooking

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8/31/2019 Saturday 5:30-8:00 Introduction to Indian Cooking
What do Cumin, Turmeric, Black Mustard Seed, Coriander and Cayenne have in common?  When put together, they make up some of the most essential ingredients used in Indian cooking. They are flavorful, aromatic and a necessity in your Southeast Asian pantry. 
Join us for a hands on cooking class teaching the basics of Indian cooking.
You'll create your own spice mix, Garam Masala, from scratch. We'll make Garam Masala Chicken, Raita, a cucumber and yogurt dipping sauce - which complements the heat found in some Indian dishes, Saffron Rice (the most expensive spice in the world), Chapati Bread to scoop up the sauce and to sweeten things up a Mango Lassi, a cooling, sweet yogurt drink. 
Your mouth will be in flavor-town tonight! 

Class price includes generous sampling of every dish, one glass of wine, beer or non-alcoholic beverage and printed recipes of everything cooked in class. 

Class Instructor: Jessica Tijerina