6/4/2019 Tuesday 5:30-8:00 Summer Salads & Easy Entertaining

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6/4/2019 Tuesday 5:30-8:00 Summer Salads & Easy Entertaining

Do you ever wonder why you love a salad SO MUCH at a restaurant, but can never recreate it at home? In this hands-on cooking class you'll be learning how to strike that perfect balance of something light, something sweet, something crunchy, something salty, and something crisp. We'll give you a basic vinaigrette dressing that works on almost everything and then mix it up with a lot of variations.

You'll learn techniques like flash-blanching and chilling vegetables such as asparagus, peas, baby carrots can be a delicious way to elevate your summer salads. We'll show you Chopped Salads, Salads with Whole Leaves; Herb Heavy Salads; Knife and Fork Salads; and how toasting nuts or using finishing salts can really bring out flavors. You'll learn how to entertain with salads. 

We'll go through every season's salad: 

  1. Spring – bitter greens such as radicchio and arugula, dressed and used as a base for grilled fish
  2. Early summer – chopped salad of pea pods, blanched asparagus
  3. Summer – ribbons of summer squash, cucumber, cherry tomatoes
  4. Summer peak – Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes, and a tomato vinaigrette

Class Instructor: Jill Holter

Class price will include generous sampling, one beverage (wine, beer, OR non-alcoholic), and printed recipe copy.