6/28/2019 Friday 5:30-8:00 Go-To Beef Grilling

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6/28/2019 Friday 5:30-8:00 Go-To Beef Grilling

Are your backyard BBQ blunders more embarrassing that you'd like to admit? Does your grill ignite into smokey flames most of the time? Are your burgers more like black, rubbery hockey pucks rather than a juicy, succulent beefy burger?

Well, if so, look no further than this hands-on cooking class meant to teach you the grilling basics! In this class you'll learn tried and true recipes that will make your grilling easier.


Best Bet Burgers - a moist burger that always sears beautifully. 

Dijon Rosemary Beef Kabobs -  a versatile marinade that works with a variety of meat cuts to be done on the grill. 

Masterfully Grilled Steak - served on a bed of local greens and veg. 

Class prices includes generous sampling of everything prepared, one glass of wine, beer or non-alcoholic beverage and printed recipe copy.

Class Instructor: Liz Elsenpeter

Elsenpeter is the wife of an organic dairy farmer and busy Mom of four.  She taught FACS at St. Frances Xavier in Buffalo for five years, where she most enjoyed teaching the basics about cooking.  She keeps a large garden and tends to her chickens while trying to keep the kids involved in the beautiful, natural things happening around them.  She is excited to share with attendees of the class what she's learned about cooking beef and feeding a family.  Bring your questions for her about the farm life!