6/15/2019 Saturday 5:30-8:00 A Night In Havana

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6/15/2019 Saturday 5:30-8:00 A Night In Havana

Havana, Cuba is full of flavorful wonderment, not just cigars and rum! Cuisine richly influenced by African, Arabic, Chinese, Portuguese and Spanish cultures.

Join us in recreating some of the most popular foods of Cuba, the famous Cubano, Cuban sandwich, Yucca Fries with cumin, Chimichurri sauce, Moros y Cristianos (Cuban black beans and rice) and Flan, not just ordinary flan, flan cake.


Medianoche Sandwich (Cubano)

Yuca (Cassava) Fries with Cumin

Cuban Chimichurri

Moros Y Cristianos (Cuban Black Beans and Rice)

Flan Cake

Class price includes generous sampling of everything prepared. Includes one glass of wine, beer, or non-alcoholic beverage and printed take-home recipes.

Class Instructor: Jessica Tijerina