4/12/2019 Friday 5:30-8:00 Sushi Basics

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4/12/2019 Friday 5:30-8:00 Sushi Basics
In this interactive cooking class you will learn how to shape several types of sushi. We'll show you how to shape nigiri, handrolls and sashimi style sushi. We'll show you the technique to making perfect sushi rice. We'll go over all the equipment needed to make sushi at home.
Wondering about the edamame you've had at Japanese restaurants? We'll cook edamame and enjoy it as a side to our sushi. You'll learn how to properly brew tea that pairs perfectly with our menu. We'll be sitting down for a delicious dinner of everything you prepare! Generous sampling of many types of sushi.
Includes one glass of wine, beer, or non-alcoholic beverage and printed take-home recipes.
Class Instructor: Becki Melvie