2/28/2019 Thursday 5:30-8pm 30 Minute Meals

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2/28/2019 Thursday 5:30-8pm 30 Minute Meals

Post Holiday, which means back to work, back to school, drop off the kids, work hard all day, pick up the kids, take to activities, go to a scout meeting, have mom over for dinner...Sound familiar?

Where was dinner actually cooked in there? Oh yeah, we have to eat and fast food is not always the healthiest option, although at times convenient.

Here are 4 healthy meals to make in less than 30-minutes. Scouts honor. 

Menu: Maple Glazed Salmon with Cous Cous and Vegetables, Chicken Tenders with Noodles, 15-Minute 1-Pot Tomato and Basil Pasta, Potato Leek Soup. YUM!

Class price includes printed recipe copy, one glass of wine, beer, or non-alcoholic beverage, and a full meal of everything prepared. 

Class Instructor: Jessica Tijerina