9/21/2018 Friday 5:30-8:00 Oktoberfest Cooking

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9/21/2018 Friday 5:30-8:00 Oktoberfest Cooking

Entschuldigen Sie bitte! Sprechen Sie Deutsch? 

Join us as we celebrate foods of Germany during the festive Oktoberfest season. Did you know Oktoberfest actually takes place during the last two weeks of September? 

In this interactive cooking class we'll be making the most well known dishes of Duetschland. Pork Schnitzel, a thin cutlet of pork, breaded and fried or baked until crispy. Spätzel, a homemade noodle eaten all over Germany. Wurst with Kraut, or sausages with sauerkraut. Brezels, or soft hand-formed pretzels. And, for dessert, a Kirschetorte or Black Forest Gateau, a rich, dense chocolate cake made with dark chocolate and cherries. 

As they say in Germany…Guten Appetit.

Class price includes printed recipes, generous sampling of every dish prepared, and a glass of wine, beer or non-alcoholic beverage.